In order to keep all our customers updated on our events, please see below to view Little Bodieve’s annual events and relevant dates. Please check back here regularly for updated events.

Below is a list of events held at or close to Little Bodieve Holiday Park 2016

  • St Endellion Music Festivals:

    • Easter – Saturday 8th April to Sunday 16th April
    • Summer – Tuesday 25th July to Friday 4th August
  • Padstow Obby Oss Day: Monday 1st May
  • Helston Flora Dance: Saturday 6th May
  • Royal Cornwall Show Wadebridge – Thursday 8th June, Friday 9th June & Saturday 10th June
  • RSOC Show & Moors Tour Car Rally – Held at Little Bodieve Holiday Park: 17th & 18th June (call us for more details)
  • Camel River Festival: Sharp’s Raft Race – date to be confirmed
  • Wadebridge Carnival – Saturday 29th July
  • Creation Fest – Saturday 5th August to Friday 11th August
  • Wadebridge Folk Festival: Friday 25thAugust ~ Monday 28th August